Historic Cars Content Lab

We are dedicated to research and publish the history of relevant cars.

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We concept, design, develop, and curate content across multiple platforms – web and mobile apps, printed material and physical spaces – to create unique car-related experiences.

Created, designed, and developed by car historians and designers, our information system consists of three main products aimed for collectors, galleries, museums and clubs:

TheCarBox Ingo

A safe and private environment for your cars’ records.

Ingo simplifies how you manage and organize data and media in a central place.

TheCarBox Museum

A mobile app to showcase a cars collection.

TheCarBox Books

A printed collection: one car, one book.

A car with renowned physical and cultural values will transcend and increase its historical significance. We make it possible.

TheCarBox was founded by Cristián Bertschi, Industrial Designer and Classic Cars Historian, and Lucas D’Amore, Graphic and UX Designer.

Some of our recent publications